Konzert mit: Nico Rivers

10.09.19 20:00 - 22:00
Bollwerkstraße 24, 26725 Emden, Deutschland
Address: Bollwerkstraße 24, 26725 Emden, Deutschland

Origin:  Boston, MA
Genres:  Indie-Rock, Americana, Singer/Songwriter
Years Active:  2011- Present
Label:  Songs & Whispers

Nico Rivers and Emily Graham-Handley first performed together in a messy, college-student apartment in Cambridge, MA. Back then it was just a handful of singalongs before the two would part ways on parallel journeys to Los Angeles and back to Boston.

Reunited on the East Coast, the duo began performing together occasionally and it wasn’t long before they were touring in the Northeast and then off to Europe. Their first recorded collaboration was on Nico’s 2018 release, Tiny Death, which was accompanied with a Northeastern US and European tour.

Their live act adapts their songs in to a stripped-down setup featuring a variety of instruments to build a foundation for their beautifully crafted harmonies. Regularly touring as a duo, they also work with a regular band in Boston and have rocked some festivals with a handful of guest musicians in Europe.